Total Access is how everyone at your district connects. This system contains two separate logins, an administrative portal for district employees and a parent portal for families.

The administrative portal is your complete control center.

The portal enables you to easily manage multiple POS systems, Free and Reduced/Direct Certification information, student information and much more, all from one location! Check out a few features of the administrative portal and the value it will provide your school.

  • Centralized POS Management - Customize each POS to best fit its location. Create different menus, add new items, eliminate old items, and much more. Building new menus in the admin portal is easy and the possibilities for essay customization are endless. In addition to creating custom POS screens, you also have the option to set up card readers, scanners, keypads for each POS.
  • Powerful, Comprehensive Reports - The admin portal features over 70 reports designed to provide you with all the information you need. These tools make reconciliation a snap and provide useful information about which purchases are do my homework being made.
  • Student Management - Our software integrates with your student information system, enabling you to access student info efficiently without any extra steps.
  • Free and Reduced Application Processing - Total Access allows you to manage Free and Reduced applications and Direct Certifications in one place. Various tools help you track, manage, automatically send letters, and report students who are eligible for Free and Reduced meals. These reports are USDA compliant, which eliminates extra work for your school when reporting Free and Reduced numbers to the state.

The parent portal is a one-stop information station for parents.

This portal is designed to keep families informed and involved by providing a venue to check student balances, make special requests, and much more. Here’s how the parent portal helps your district and families.

  • Parent Requests - The portal enables families to log in and request what their students can purchase at school. Parents can set spending caps, or send requests to the school to restrict certain items. District staff can then block a student from purchasing these items. This is very helpful for students who have allergies or other dietary restrictions.
  • Student Tracking and Reminders - Parents can track what each student ate or purchased via the parent portal. Balances and outstanding fees will also display, and parents can set up email alerts letting them know when student balances are low.
  • Payments - Parents can access your online payment provider to pay any student fees or food services balances online.
  • Customization - Your district can control certain aspects of the parent portal to best suit the needs of families and staff. You can also add your own messages to the parent portal, alerting parents of any information they may need.