The decision to move to a new system for food service should be to invest, not to spend. POS+ specializes in food service management through the Nutrition+ food service module.

Here’s why POS+ is a valuable solution for your district:


  • POS+ enables you to set up as many POS systems as you would like
  • Integrates with your current software
  • Create up to 150 menu options on each POS
  • You control all POS systems from one central location called Total Access


  • Easy to use interface
  • Touch screen capabilities
  • Enables staff to keep lunch lines moving quickly and efficiently
  • Reduces paperwork for your staff


Reliability is very important to anyone trying to manage large volumes of transactions in a short amount of time. POS+ can operate in two different modes to provide a flexible and reliable solution for your school.

  • The system will still operate even if an internet connection is lost
  • All sales through POS+ update automatically
  • You will always be able to keep lines moving with POS+

Central Mode:

POS+ systems can operate in Central Mode which allows the system to directly connect to our server. In Central Mode, all POS+ systems are connected and can report sales and student balances as they happen during meal time. This mode is ideal if you would like to have multiple POS+ systems in one cafeteria.

Local Mode:

POS+ systems in Local Mode use data stored on a computer when in operation. This mode does not require an internet connection, and is ideal for stand alone facilities or locations that do not have internet access. Also, if an internet connection is lost in Central Mode, POS+ will automatically connect to Local Mode, which keeps your lunch lines moving.

Your school district can employ one or both of these options to provide a valuable and flexible solution for you district.

Contact one of our sales representatives to learn more about various options available for your school district.