Integrations and Data Bridges

When you choose POS+, you’ll have the option of integrating or creating a data bridge with other technology solutions that you currently use at your district.

Create a Data Bridge with POS+ and your Student Information System
  • Keep vital student information accurate and up-to-date
  • Save staff time by reducing manual data entry

Vending Machine Integration with POS+
  • Cashless vending transactions with account number and PIN
  • Cash deposits to account at vending machine
  • Multiple machines and multiple locations to free up lunch lines

Integrate POS+ with your online payment provider
  • Payments made via your online payment provider are imported into POS+
  • Student balances are updated automatically, saving time and labor for district staff
  • Parents enjoy the ability to view updated student balances via Total Access
Want to learn how POS+ can integrate with your current student information software? Contact us!