Don’t ask us, ask our current clients! Here’s what clients have to say about Total K12 and our products.

“It was so nice to come aboard 12 years ago. You don’t have proprietary equipment and the program is so user friendly for both staff and parents. I have sent many suggestions regarding possible software requests and many of them have been incorporated into the program over the years, which we are delighted about. Your staff listens to us and that’s good customer service.” – Ruth A. Noth, Linn Marr Community School in Iowa
“Allows us to get students through the meal line in a timely manner. Reports are easy to generate, and phone calls have been reduced due to the automated email notification system.” – Kim Sperfslage, West Delaware County Community School District in Iowa
“Their customer service is great. Just an e-mail or phone call and they have your answer. We are very pleased.” – Iris Trampe, Springville School District in Iowa

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